What watch does Joe Exotic aka Tiger King wear

What Watch Does Joe Exotic Wear in Tiger King?

Joe Exotic is the main character of the wildly popular, cringe worthy Netflix series "Tiger King".

Spoiler alert - do not continue reading if you aren't comfortable with spoilers. You've been warned. 

The watch worn by Joe Exotic throughout the serious played a significant role in the 4th episode. But, before we get there, let's take a minute to bask in Joe's song, "I saw a Tiger". You get several good glimpses of the watch too:

If you've just stumbled across this article and have no idea who the Tiger King is, well, I'm sorry you just had to watch that music video. 

Now, let's get you up to speed with the trailer for the Netflix series:

If you're like me, you binged Tiger King in 24 hours and now left wondering what the hell is happening with all the big cats in the US and how did it get that way? 

Anyway, let's get to the watch worn by Joe.

Joe Exotic Tiger King Chanel J12 ceramic

Images: Netflix

"Did I hear you say you wanted my f*&@ing watch?"

In response to "that bitch Carole" demanding Joe's watch as part of the $1M settlement, Joe decided to strap it to a tree with explosives and blow the watch up. I have to admit this was one of my favorite parts of the series. It just seemed so senseless, but perfectly in tune with Joe's personality. 

What watch was Joe wearing?

Joe appears to have owned a watch that payed homage to a Chanel J12

Joe Exotic Chanel J12 Homage Watch

Image: Netflix

It's a little difficult to read the exact brand, but given the Chanel J12 in ceramic costs around $5K, I find it unlikely that Joe would be willing to blow it up. 

Joe's reckless, but surely he'd sell a $5K watch rather than blow it up? I mean, $5K is the amount he allegedly paid for the hit on Carole and is also the amount he sells tiger cubs for.

So, it's very unlikely it's a Chanel J12 original, but what is it?

It's likely to be a much cheaper homage watch of the Chanel J12. Something like the Stuhrling Unisex Nirvana White Ceramic or even a cheaper version bought from a local drugstore is my bet. 

Fancy owning a watch like Joe? You can check latest prices on a Chanel J12 below. 

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