what kind of watch does George W. Bush wear

What kind of watch does President George W. Bush wear?

George W. Bush wore a Timex Easy Reader while in office. While most presidential watches clock in somewhere around the $1,500 mark, there are a few that do not. Barack Obama’s mainstay watch, the Jorg Gray Chronograph 6500, for example, is only $200. On the other hand, Bill Clinton’s Rolex is reportedly somewhere near $10,000. Other than these few aberrations, however, we consistently see Presidential watches hit between $1,500 and $3,000. Enter President George W. Bush, whose Timex Easy Reader is hands down the most cost effective presidential watch, coming in at just under $25.

The Easy Reader has a bold face that stands out with large numbers for, well, easy reading. The engine is Quartz movement and runs on a lithium metal battery and has a plastic ‘crystal’ over an analog display. If you want to say you wear a president’s choice in watch, but don’t have $1,000 to throw at it, this very well may be the one for you.

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