What kind of watch did Macgyver wear

What kind of watch did Macgyver wear

Macgyver was most commonly seen wearing the Timex Camper Watch

If you were a kid in the seventies, eighties, and early 90s, you probably loved Macgyver. The guy was known for being able to build anything he needed out of whatever was available to aid him in whatever situation he got trapped in. This ability of his has spawned all manner of ridiculous meme across the internet and even its own popular phrase: To “Macgyver” something together. Angus Macgyver was a secret government agent and scientist who solved problems with his swiss army knife, scientific resourcefulness, and a limitless supply of moxie.

The watch that was featured on his wrist most frequently was then called the Timex Military Field watch, but has since been rebranded as the “Timex Camper Watch“. The Camper Watch is a simple, 35mm plastic case watch with a nylon strap. The watch features quartz movement and an analog display powered by a single battery. Perhaps the most confusing aspect of this little timepiece is that it has a water glyph clearly printed on it, and is listed as a “rugged outdoor watch”, but is absolutely not water resistant. This is a perfect watch if you’re looking to dress up as Macgyver, or if you just need something quick and simple to get you through the day.

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