What watch did Deadpool wear?

Last Updated: August 8, 2016
Written by Elise Tigner

DeadPool wears a kids Adventure Time watch.

This is something, actually, that upset me. DeadPool was a massively popular superhero movie released in 2016 starring Ryan Reynolds. It's rare to see an established character married so perfectly with the actor that portrays them. Robert Downey Jr., for all intents and purposes, is Tony Stark. Likewise, Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson.

In the movie, Reynolds plays Wilson, a mercenary who gets a cancer diagnosis shortly after falling in love. In order to save his own life and be with the woman he loves, he volunteers for a black-market operation to make himself a self-healing mutant. His healing factor fights the cancer and keeps him alive, but it also horribly disfigures him in the process and drives him mentally insane.

The character has a huge appeal on the internet for being a bit of a jackass and is known for continually breaking the fourth wall. This played out very well in the movie and made it insanely popular. So popular, in fact, it raked in $760 Million on a $50 Million budget.

The "Deadpool Watch"

In the movie, DeadPool can be spotted wearing a watch while in a cab with driver Dopinder.

This is sad to me because the watch he’s wearing is a kid’s Adventure Time watch. This is a quartz movement, plastic case, plastic or rubber strapped $20 timepiece. It’s made for kids under 10 years old who enjoy a cartoon.

But now, because it’s the “DeadPool watch“, they can be difficult to find as they've become collectors items. Let's be honest, there is absolutely no quality to this watch. It was made to be worn by children who would, I assume, break it within a matter of months, whereupon it would be replaced easily by their parents because it’s just a cheap, plastic kids watch.

In fact, as one reviewer of the watch on Amazon points out, you can’t even swap the battery on it, you simply have to buy a new one when the battery dies. The reviewer also points out that his son had one of these watches, and it broke, and he can no longer replace it because the movie turned it into a novelty item. The cheapest one I could find was on amazon.

If you’re looking to buy this watch for a cosplay, it may be worth it do you. It might be better to get a broken one off of eBay, or something similar though. If you’re looking for a watch for your children, this will unfortunately not be the one.

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