What Watch Does Chris Hemsworth Wear in Extraction?

Last Updated: April 27, 2020
Written by Andre Wallace

Chris Hemsworth stars as an Australian black ops mercenary, Tyler Rake, in the Netflix action thriller Extraction.

The plot involves Chris Hemsworth's character killing a bunch of bad guys during his mission to rescue the kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord.

Is the plot original? Maybe not. Is it entertaining watching Chris Hemsworth run through Dhaka, Bangladesh reducing the entire Bangladeshi police force into a bloody mess? You bet ya!

Haven't watched in on Netflix yet? Check out the trailer below to get up to speed. You get some nice glimpses of Chris's watch too…

The action scenes are very well choreographed, even if the body count can be a little over the top at times. Check out the Tweet from the writer Joe Russo for a behind-the-scenes view of how the fight scenes were choreographed:


The theme of redemption runs strongly throughout Extraction. The loss of Tyler's son plays a large role in many of the choices he makes throughout the film, but particularly towards the climactic end.

Fun Fact

Extraction is based on the graphic novel 'Ciudad', which was originally set in Paraguay, South America. They moved locations to Dhaka, Bangladesh, because it was a 'fresh' location. I think this was a good move because Extraction already has a strong Man on Fire feel to it.

I watched Extraction last night on Netflix, and I'm still not entirely sure what to think about the ending. Was that Tyler watching over Ovi in the pool at the end of the movie? Or does this person represent Tyler's spirit looking after Ovi? Or was that just a random person, or worse, one of Amir's gangbangers sent to finish the job? I don't know!

Probably the most meaningful question is whether Tyler survived his barrage of bullets and fall off the bridge into the water, setting up for a possible Extraction 2?

Time will tell.

But, what is clear is that there was a lot of incredible stunt action that went into Extraction. Check out this quick video from Chris showing one of the biggest falls in the movie:

Chris Hemsworth's Watch

Given Chris' character is a black ops mercenary, his watch of choice is hardly a surprise. Chris Hemsworth wears a G-Shock Rangeman 9400 in Extraction. You get plenty of good views of the army green Rangeman throughout the movie:

Chris Hemsworth G
Images: Netflix
Chris Hemsworth Extraction G-Shock Rangeman
Images: Netflix

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

The Rangeman 9400 Master of G is a super tough watch armed with many features to keep military personnel and weekend hikers happy for years. 

The Master of G comes with a range of features including solar power, compass, altimeter and thermometer.

The compass feature would have certainly come in handy for Tyler Rake when he was making his way around Dhaka in a hurry. But, I don't think he would have made much use of the altimeter or thermometer. 

The large buttons on the Rangeman 9400 make it easy to switch between functions and the negative display means that Tyler was less likely to give his position away in those critical moments leading up to fight. 

Also handy is the sunrise/sunset feature which tells you when the sun will rise or fall given your location. Obviously a much needed tool for someone in Tyler's position when it might be important to move at night (or day) for safety. 

Water is no issue for the Rangeman, with care taken on the seals to ensure water, dirt and mud cannot enter the watch. Clearly needed during that awful sewer scene where they spend more than enough time for nasties to potentially infiltrate and destroy a lesser watch. 

G-Shocks are clear favorites amongst law enforcement officers and military personnel because they are incredibly tough. As the name suggests, they can withstand considerable shocks and Casio actually drops them 10m to test this.

With 200m water resistance, the watch would most likely have survived Tyler's dramatic fall from the bridge into the water. But did Tyler survive? Hmmm.

The bottom line is we think the G-Shock Rangeman was the perfect choice for Chris Hemsworth to wear in Extraction: It's incredibly durable, a little bulky, will keep on going and comes with many features. 

Given the affordability of the Rangeman 9400, you don't need to be a highly paid mercenary to buy one. 


  • Movement: Solar powered quartz
  • Display: Digital with negative colors
  • Case: Plastic mud proof
  • Case size: 54mm
  • Band material: Plastic
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • Alarms: 5


  • Solar-powered so no running out of batteries when needed most
  • Compass, altimeter and thermometer
  • G-Shock tough! Can withstand everything you throw at it
  • 200m water resistance


  • Super durable
  • Packed with features
  • Down to business military style


  • Too many features?
  • Maybe chunky on smaller wrists

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