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January 4, 2020
Taylor Swift's Cat Watch

Taylor Swift wears a watch featuring a cat on the face in the video for her song You Need To Calm Down. You get a solid glimpse of the cat dial at the 20 second mark when she sings the lyrics ‘And I’m just like damn, it’s 7am‘. Watch below: Taylor Swift’s Cat Face Watch […]

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September 22, 2018
What Watch Did Elvis Presley Wear?

Elvis Presly (@elvis) was a much loved American singer and actor. The “King of Rock and Roll” has been credited by Rolling Stone as ‘single-handedly changed the course of music and culture in the mid-1950s’. His voice, presence, dancing, clothing and sleek good looks allowed him to reach heights no artist had before him. Given […]

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August 4, 2017
Selena Gomez wears a CASIO

Selena Gomez is a famous singer, actress, role model and one of the most inspiring celebrities I've seen perform live. Her style is a unique mix of sexy, sporty, chic and sweet. Her fighting spirit is as tough as the CASIO G-Shock Watch she wore in the song “Hands to Myself” and the elegant classy […]

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