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What Watch Does Bill Gates Wear

What Watch Does Bill Gates Wear?

The "$10 Watch"

Bill Gates Watch Casio Illuminator



The Casio Marlin Diver

Bill Gates Casio Marlin


Duro Marlin

One of our favorite tech tycoons turned philanthropists, Bill Gates, has an eye for value.

The founder of Microsoft and the second richest man in the world (behind Jeff Bezos, but still in front of long time friend Warren Buffett) wears modest Casio watches.

Bill Gates is well known for his many philanthropic endeavors. In fact, one of the primary reasons he is no longer the richest man in the world is because he's generously given away a substantial part of his fortune.

He, along with Warren Buffet, also influenced other mega-rich celebrities and entrepreneurs to donate at least half of their wealth through "the Giving Pledge". Well played Mr Gates.

For a man that could easily buy any luxury watch company, never mind a few Rolexes, it's quite refreshing to see him continually sport watches that anyone can afford.

We've featured two of Bill Gates' watches he wears the most below. We also touch on a story that has surfaced about a watch he gifted to an employee that exemplifies Bill's generous character.

Bill Gates' Casio Marlin

Bill Gates has been spotted several times wearing his trusted Casio Duro diver - commonly known as the Casio Marlin because of the marlin logo on the face. 

One if these public appearances was on the Stephen Colbert show whilst he and wife Melinda gave their views on taxing the wealthy.

The Casio Duro Marlin MDV106-1AV can be seen throughout the interview popping out from Bill's lavender sweater: 

Bill Gates Casio Duro Marlin Colbert Show

Images: NBC


The Casio Marlin Diver

Bill Gates Casio Marlin

Casio Duro "Marlin"

A homage to the classic Rolex Submariner, there are few other watches that can deliver these features at this price.

  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Unidirectional diver's bezel
  • 200m (660ft) water resistance

The minimalist design of the Casio Duro MDV106-1AV "Marlin" has allowed this watch to maintain it's place as a popular, affordable alternative to more expensive dive watches.

Like any quality dive watch, the Marlin includes a unidirectional rotating bezel to allow divers to track their time submerged underwater.

The 200m water resistance is a great feature at this price. Whilst I've no proof that Bill Gates has ever worn his Marlin diving, I would be happy to take a bet that he's submerged it a few times at his Lake Washington house.

The movement is Japanese quartz and comes with a battery that lasts 3 years. What? You expected a mechanical diver at this price? No chance.

Other features include a black face with white luminous markers for the hour indices and bezel markers. The hands are also covered in lume, making for impressive visibility at night and underwater.

Like the Submariner, the Casio Duro features an easy to read date window at 3 o'clock and a sturdy screw down crown to keep water out. 

All in all, for around $50 there is little to dislike about this affordable diver. If a man with the disposable income of Bill Gates is happy with a Submariner homage over the real deal, that's good enough reason for me to add one to my everyday collection.


  • Very affordable
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Japanese quality
  • 200m water resistance


  • Resin band is a little boring and sweats during summer


  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Case size: 44mm
  • Band material: Resin
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • Crown: Screw down
  • Bezel: Unidirectional diver’s 

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Casio Marlin MDV106-1AV

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose..

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates' "$10 Casio"

Given the net worth of Bill Gates, you'd possibly expect his wrist wardrobe to include super exclusive Rolexes, Omegas or similar. But no, fitting with his rather conservative lifestyle, he often opts to wear what he calls a "$10 watch". 

This $10 watch is actually a Casio Illuminator W214H-1AV, and whilst it is certainly an inexpensive watch, you may have to pay slightly more than the $10 quoted by Bill. 

Check out the video below by Politico where when asked whether the watch he is wearing is similar to a medical watch he is currently speaking about, Bill responds with, "no, this is a $10 watch."

Bill Gates Casio Illuminator $10

Images: Politico 


The "$10 Casio"

Bill Gates Watch Casio Illuminator

Practical and affordable above all else. The entry-level Casio screams, "I've got nothing to prove."

  • Doesn't get much cheaper
  • Easy to use with large display
  • 50m water resistance

Certainly a relatively humble watch for a man of Bill's stature, the Casio Illuminator W214H-1AV is digital with a 45 mm plastic case and silicon band.

The Japanese manufactured Casio is water resistant to 50m and has quartz based movement.

Digital features include 3 countdown dials, stopwatch and alarm.

For a cheap watch, it's certainly well built and durable.

Given many ultra-rich decide to show off their wealth with flashy, expensive watches, it's refreshing that all Bill Gates fans can emulate his style with a very affordable Casio.  


  • Very, very affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Basically a risk free investment


  • Kinda basic
  • Design isn't for everyone


  • Movement: Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Plastic
  • Case size: 45mm
  • Band material: Silicon
  • Water resistance: 50m (150 ft)

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Casio Illuminator W214H-1AV

Bill Gates' TAG Heuer Gift Watch

You can't help but feel that Bill Gates has put considerable thought into the message he's sending with his watch selection.

For many of us, buying a luxury watch comes with the side benefit that it signals success and prestige. But, for a man that carries both in abundance, choosing a cheap watch sends the message that wealth alone doesn't impress him. Rather, it's what you do with that wealth that matters. 

Perhaps this was the message he was sending when he gifted a TAG Heuer Professional 2000 to a conference attendee in the Philippines. As told by watch collector Johann Espiritu in an interview with Fratello, Bill gave the watch off his wrist to the conference attendee who most closely guessed the value of his watch. 

Everyone predicted that such a successful business man would be wearing a luxurious high-end watch. All except Johann's father. His guess of a seemingly paltry amount of $600 was the closest and he was rewarded with the TAG Heuer Professional 2000. 

To be clear, there is no visual proof of Bill Gates wearing the TAG. But, I've no reason to doubt it and it fits his philanthropic MO. The images below are of the exact watch gifted to Johann's father. While you're at it, check out some of Johann's other sweet watches.

Bill Gates Tag Heuer Professional 2000

Images: @watchyouwearin, Fratello Watches


The Gift

Bill Gates Watch Tag Heuer Professional 2000

Popular and iconic TAG Heuer diver from the late 90's and early 2000's that holds up well today. 

  • Quartz dive watch
  • Bold blue face
  • 200m water resistance

The TAG Heuer 2000 Professional range was a commercial success and is still well regarded by watch collectors today. The last 2000's were built in 2005 when TAG Heuer transitioned to the Aquaracer models. 

Because they were successful, they were also widely produced. So, you can still find a good quality used TH 2000 for around $500-$1,000

This is the second Rolex Submariner inspired homage worn by Bill Gates. Heuer, and later TAG Heuer after their merger in 1985, never tried to compete head to head with the Submariner.

Instead, they opted to take several of the popular design features from the Submariner, rework them and then repackage at a more economical price point. 

This strategy worked very well, with the 2000 range greatly assisting TAG Heuer navigate through the 1990s. 

The model worn and gifted by Bill Gates appears to be a 3rd generation TAG Heuer 2000 that went into production in 1998. In particular, it is the blue 'Classic' model variation that is the most common, meaning that you still have a great chance of finding one for yourself at a reasonable price. 

If you aren't accustomed to divers from this earlier era, you should know about the size difference before purchasing. This TAG Heuer 2000 is only 38mm, considerably smaller than the 43mm divers that are popular today. 

Whilst Bill's TAG Heuer was more expensive than the two Seikos, I think you'd agree it's still an affordable watch that prioritises function above prestige. 


  • Dive watch with history
  • Can still find pre-owned for less than $1K
  • 200m water resistance


  • Smaller size may not suit all


  • Movement: Quartz 
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Case: Stainless steel (brushed)
  • Case size: 38mm
  • Band material: Stainless steel
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • Bezel: Rotating 

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TAG Heuer 2000 Professional

Best Watch For EMTs & Paramedics (1)

Best Watches for EMTs & Paramedics – Reviews with Comparison

Best Choice

G-Shock Tough Solar GWM5610 - EMT Watch

G-Shock Tough Solar

Best Value

Marathon Timex - EMT Watch

Timex Marathon

EMTs and Paramedics have super demanding jobs and need a tough watch to match. Now, there are two schools of thought on what makes the best EMT watch:

1) A lot of features and you're happy to pay for watch that will last, or  

2) Something cheap and basic that you can throw away should it become too gross.

Either way, we've got something for you in our EMT watch picks below. We also have a buyers guide at the end to help you decide which EMT watch is best for you. 

Note: This guide focuses on EMTs, but our recommendations are also suitable for paramedics and EMS in general. We've also covered our favorite watches for nurses here

EMT watch reviews


Best Choice

G-Shock Tough Solar GWM5610 - EMT Watch

Super tough with solar power and atomic timekeeping. As maintenance-free as you can get.

  • Solar powered 
  • Auto-light feature to keep hands free
  • 200m (660ft) water resistance

G-Shocks are clear favorites amongst EMTs because they are super practical. Renowned for being extremely tough, and packed with great features at an affordable price.

They are easy to read, water resistant (200m) and the silicon band is simple to clean with minimal risk of patient contamination.

The good
We like the GWM5610 G-Shock because it's relatively small (compared to other G-Shocks), has an EL backlight powered auto-light feature so you can turn it on and still keep your hands free. And is solar powered so there's no risk of the battery dying when you need it most.

Add in the atomic timekeeping function that automatically syncs the time every night and you've got yourself a super reliable set and forget watch.

The bad
The retro square design is not exactly loved by everyone. But we don't really mind as the practical benefits of this watch make up for its rather bland design.

If you're a deep sleeper, we'd recommend using a different alarm such as a cell phone or alarm clock as the alarm on the G-Shock GWM5610 may not be loud enough to wake you.


  • Affordable
  • Auto-light
  • Solar powered
  • Tough as nails


  • Retro square design not for everyone
  • Alarm sound can be too soft
  • Atomic timekeeping signal strength depends on where you live


  • Movement: Solar Powered Digital 
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Plastic
  • Case size: 47mm
  • Band material: Plastic
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • 24 hr time: Yes
  • Seconds display: Yes

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G-Shock Tough Solar GWM5610


Best Value

Marathon Timex - EMT Watch

The entry-level model from Timex is functional, cheap and will get the job done. 

  • Super affordable
  • Large, easy to read display
  • 24 hour time

Sometimes you just need a watch to be just that; a watch. Easily read the time, a few functions (including 24hr time) and you're set. 

This basic Timex watch is just that. The cheapest watch in this list, it's ideal for those that just need a basic watch whilst on duty. 

The good

At this pricepoint, the Timex Marathon is considered a 'throw away' watch. With such a small investment, you don't really need to think about the purchase. You can buy one and if it doesn't live up to expectations, you can buy another one after a month or two of usage and give this one to your kid brother or relative. 

The durability is good, but it is not a G-Shock. It's plastic case does protrude and offers protection from bumps and scratches, but don't be surprised if a solid knock causes damage to it. 

With supersized numbers, readability at a quick glance is great. This includes easy-to-read seconds. 

If you need a cheap watch that just functions well as a watch, there's little risk in trying a Timex Marathon as your first EMT watch. 

The bad

The numerous nooks and crannies in the Marathon can trap organic matter more than some other watches in this list. So, you'll need to take a little more care cleaning and washing this watch.

Some buyers haven't been impressed with the size of the band. Suggesting it's on the skinny side if you're an adult male.


  • Super affordable
  • Great readability
  • Simple to use


  • Basic functionality
  • Not as durable as others in this list


  • Movement: Quartz
  • Crystal: Acrylic
  • Case: Plastic
  • Case size: 43mm
  • Band material: Plastic
  • Water resistance: 50m (150 ft)
  • 24 hr time: Yes
  • Count seconds: Yes

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Marathon by Timex

Best Low Light

Luminox Evo 3051 Navy Seal - EMTs

When luminosity counts, the Navy Seal delivers with a punch. 

  • Fantastic luminescence
  • Rugged and durable 
  • Bold design

Designed by the Swiss for super challenging low light conditions faced by navy seals, the Luminox Navy Seal is a popular alternative for EMTs. 

There's a lot to like about the practicality of this watch, but I personally really enjoy the bold, striking design and readability of the numbers. It screams, "I'm here to work, but I will look good doing it".

We've also recommended the blackout version as one of our favorite watches for law enforcement officers

The good

Boasting lume that is 100x brighter than it's competitors, the tritium lume makes it unbeatable for low-light situations where every second counts.

The tough polyurethane case is designed to weather all sorts of bumps and scratches. With sleek crown guards to prevent any damage to the crown.

As it's designed for navy seals, there's no surprise that it comes with 200m water resistance. Water is the natural state for the Luminox Navy Seal. 

The striking design allows this watch to transcend the work/life boundary, so it will not look out of place if you decide to wear it off-duty too. 

The bad

The plastic band may need to be replaced after a year or two of solid use. But, given the accumulation of fluids and other organic matter that builds up on any EMT watch, it's probably not a bad idea to replace the band semi-regularly anyway. 

Whilst still affordable, the Luminox Navy Seal is more expensive than the other watches on this list. Making it more of an investment than a cheap throw away watch. So, if you're a new EMT and not exactly sure whether it's for you, then this may not be the best watch for you.


  • 100x brigher lume than competitors
  • Rugged and durable
  • Striking design
  • 200m water resistance


  • Band may need replacing
  • Most expensive in list


  • Movement: Japanese quartz 
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Polyurethane
  • Case size: 44mm
  • Band material: Polyurethane
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • Count seconds: Yes

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Luminox Navy Seal Evo 3051

Seiko 5 SNK809 - EMTs

This automatic from Seiko combines classic simplicity and affordability into an impressive package. 

  • Automatic
  • Easy to read
  • Affordable

Seiko 5’s have a fantastic reputation for packing higher-end features into an affordable, durable and classicaly designed watch.

There are numerous Seiko 5’s to choose from, but we’ve gone with the SNK809 model because of its easy to read color scheme, mainstream appeal and affordability.

The good
The military inspired Seiko 5 SNK809 is born from the Seiko 5 range that first hit shelves in 1963. The “5” references the 5 features that were introduced for this series, which are still relevant today.

These are:

  1. In-house automatic movement 
  2. Day-date complication at 3 o’clock (this was rare in 1963)
  3. Water resistance
  4. Recessed crown at 4 o’clock
  5. Super tough mainspring inside a durable case

They’ve had a lot of time to make alterations and improvements since they launched, which has allowed them to continue to increase quality, whilst advancements in Japanese mass production efficiencies have allowed them to keep costs very affordable.

The 37mm size suits a wide variety of tastes and doesn’t pose any issue to wear underneath jackets or other work clothes. The luminosity is provided by Seiko’s own Lumibrite and displays luminous dots every five minutes for easy reading.

The bad
One of the reasons we like this watch is that it’s hard to find real faults with it. This is especially true considering its sub $100 price point and Seiko automatic movement. If we were being super hard to please, we’d push for slightly more functionality from the automatic movement such as hand winding and hacking (so we can re-sync the time easier).

Whilst the strap is durable, we’d probably opt for a non-canvas option to help avoid nasty pathogens from accumulating.

Finally, the simple and flat design is not to everyone’s taste -- but we think the understated, flat design looks great and is super practical for EMTs.


  • Automatic movement
  • Recessed crown at 4 o’clock is less likely to hinder a bent wrist
  • Durable case, mainspring and strap
  • Affordable, especially for an automatic


  • No hand winding or hacking functions
  • Canvas strap is tough, but can trap pathogens
  • 37mm size might be on the small side if you have larger wrists.


  • Movement: Japanese automatic 
  • Crystal: Hardlex
  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Case size: 37mm
  • Band material: Nylon
  • Water resistance: 30m (100ft)
  • Count seconds: Yes

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Seiko 5 SNK809

G-Shock DW 9052 - Paramedic Watch

Affordable. Durable. Simple. A great entry-level choice for EMTs. 

  • Affordable G-Shock
  • Comfortable strap design
  • 200m water resistance

The second G-Shock in our list of best EMT watches is the DW 9052. I consider it the entry-level G-Shock for EMTs. You can find slightly cheaper G-Shocks, but this comes at an unacceptable performance trade off. 

The good

The tough case can withstand everything thrown at an EMT (and then some). The lugs are also designed with durability and comfort in mind, as the straps can move freely inside the lugs. This allows the straps to better hug the wrist and provides a more comfortable wearing experience. 

No, you won't get the same functions like solar power or atomic timekeeping that you'll get with the GWM5610 G-Shock, but you'll also pay about half the price. Making this a very affordable watch, perfect for those that aren't looking for a lot of additional functions. 

Water resistance of 200m is a great addition at this price point. You don't need to worry about the elements or other liquids your day. 

The dial layout is easy to read, with two separate displays for the time and the date, separate by the middle section that counts every 10 seconds. 

The bad

Whilst the dial readability is good, I don't really like the middle section that allows to keep track of 10s increments. I find it of limited use and this space could have been used to make the time and date displays bigger. The middle 10s count display also makes the watch look a little busy. 

Like all G-Shocks the DW 9052 is a bulky watch at 47mm in diameter and 15mm thick. Whilst the thickness is great for absorbing shocks,it becomes an issue for catching on things and if you need to wear it underneath a jacket in winter. 

The mineral crystal display offers substantial scratch resistance, but it will get scratched over time. The scratch resistance could be improved with a sapphire crystal but that would certainly increase the price.


  • Affordable G-Shock
  • Super durable
  • 200m water resistance


  • Dial can be busy until you get used to it
  • Basic model - so no advanced features. 


  • Movement: Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Plastic
  • Case size: 47 mm
  • Band material: Plastic
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • 24hr time: Yes
  • Count seconds: Yes

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G-Shock DW 9052

EMT Watch Buyers Guide

We’ve consulted with some paramedic friends and scoured the watch and EMT forums to determine the features that matter for EMTs. Naturally, some of these factors will be more important to you than others.

Easily cleaned

Any watch worn by an EMT is going to need to be cleaned. A lot. An unavoidable part of being an EMT is that you are going to get all sorts of bodily fluids splattered across your wrists and hands. Don’t just think about the face, but the rear casing, band, buttons and even the bezel (if it has one) will need to be routinely washed with soap and/or alcohol.

Water resistant

Internal watch components hate water, soap, alcohol (rubbing and EtOH) and other fluids, so a watch that has good water resistance (please don’t say waterproof -- there is no such thing) should be high on your list of must-haves.

Count seconds

Either a digital watch that displays seconds or an analog with a second hand will generally be required for taking a patient’s pulse etc. Some work environments may even stipulate specific requirements such as an analog with a second hand MUST be worn. Obviously you need to adopt this guide to your own circumstances.

Dial color

Dial readability in an instant is a must. A dark background with contrasting hands is a great option. Black dials are very popular amongst EMT’s for this reason.


This is particularly critical for night shift duties. Standard practice is to use a non-radioactive photoluminescent material to provide the luminosity. However, this means that the watch needs to be exposed to a light source to “recharge”, which may not be possible on a long night shift with the end result being a watch with poor luminosity and difficult to read at night.

If luminosity is important to you, then your best bet is to get a watch with tritium gas inserts or a back-lit LED. An auto light feature is the next best option which automatically turns on the light if the watch is tilted towards you to read it. The lights up if you turn your wrist.

Band type

The band needs to be easily washable as it should really be washed whenever you wash your hands. It should also be easily replaceable as chances are you’ll go through a few.

Band material is also an important consideration as they can be a hotbed for bacteria and other threats to patients. Metal links can trap a whole range of nasties, while leather and nylon can also absorb hazardous pathogens. So, the best choice is a plastic/silicone band.


Wondering whether your watch is going to be able to withstand all the small bumps, scrapes, dings and scratches that it will inevitably receive whilst on EMT duty is not really something you want to be worrying about. A watch with a proven track history of absorbing shocks and abuse should be an important consideration if you're thinking of the watch as anything more than a throw away investment. 


Whilst watch size generally comes down to personal preference, there are a couple of additional points an EMT needs to factor in which may lead to a smaller size being preferred. The first is a bulky watch is more difficult to wear underneath a sweater or jacket. Secondly, a larger watch may impede your wrist movement during important procedures such as giving CPR.

If you have any doubt, start with a smaller watch. 

Price vs Features

Price is clearly going to be a factor. We’ve left it last because there are two different schools of thought when it comes to how much an EMT should spend on a watch.

The first says that just use a very basic watch that fulfils most of the above criteria and replace the watch whenever it breaks or gets too dirty. This is also a great strategy for those that are a little unsure about what watch they should be wearing on duty as a paramedic, especially new recruits.

The second school of thought suggests that it’s worthwhile going for something a little more expensive that you shouldn’t have to replace as often. This will give you a watch that has more features and should fulfil all of your requirements.

Whatever path you decide to go down, leave room in your budget for some replacement bands as these will most likely get pretty gross quickly.

Popular culture

Popular culture has caught onto the fact that G-Shock are the unofficial choice of EMTs, with numerous shows featuring G-Shocks on the wrist of characters employed as EMTs.

My favorite is Shameless, where several G-Shocks can be spotted such as this one:

Shameless EMT Watch G-Shock

If you're looking for a watch that will help you 'fit in', then G-Shocks are an obvious choice.

Final verdict

Don’t overthink the decision to find the best watch for your job as an EMT.

Do you just want something to get the job done with a minimum of fuss? If this is you, then go for the cheapest option in our list, the Marathon by Timex.

If you are after something that quenches your thirst for features without breaking the bank, the G-Shock Tough Solar is best for you.

What Watch Does Chris Hemsworth wear in Extraction

What Watch Does Chris Hemsworth Wear in Extraction?

Chris Hemsworth stars as an Australian black ops mercenary, Tyler Rake, in the Netflix action thriller Extraction

The plot involves Chris Hemsworth's character killing a bunch of bad guys during his mission to rescue the kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord. 

Is the plot original? Maybe not. Is it entertaining watching Chris Hemsworth run through Dhaka, Bangladesh reducing the entire Bangladeshi police force into a bloody mess? You bet ya!

Haven't watched in on Netflix yet? Check out the trailer below to get up to speed. You get some nice glimpses of Chris's watch too...

The action scenes are very well choreographed, even if the body count can be a little over the top at times. Check out the Tweet from the writer Joe Russo for a behind-the-scenes view of how the fight scenes were choreographed:  


The theme of redemption runs strong throughout Extraction. The loss of Tyler's son plays a large role in many of the choices he makes throughout the film, but particularly towards the climactic end.

Extraction  is based on the graphic novel 'Ciudad', which was originally set in Paraguay, South America. They moved locations to Dhaka, Bangladesh, because it was a 'fresh' location. I think this was a good move because Extraction already has a strong Man on Fire feel to it.    

Fun Fact

I watched Extraction last night on Netflix, and I'm still not entirely sure what to think about the ending. Was that Tyler watching over Ovi in the pool at the end of the movie? Or does this person represent Tyler's spirit looking after Ovi? Or was that just a random person, or worse, one of Amir's gangbangers sent to finish the job? I don't know!

Probably the most meaningful question is whether Tyler survived his barrage of bullets and fall off the bridge into the water, setting up for a possible Extraction 2?

Time will tell.

But, what is clear is that there was a lot of incredible stunt action that went into Extraction. Check out this quick video from Chris showing one of the biggest falls in the movie:

Chris Hemsworth's Watch

Given Chris' character is a black ops mercenary, his watch of choice is hardly a surprise. Chris Hemsworth wears a G-Shock Rangeman 9400 in Extraction. You get plenty of good views of the army green Rangeman throughout the movie:

Chris Hemsworth G


Chris Hemsworth Extraction G-Shock Rangeman


The G-Shock Rangeman 9400

G-Shocks are clear favorites amongst law enforcement officers and military personnel because they are incredibly tough. As the name suggests, they can withstand considerable shocks and Casio actually drops them 10m to test this.

G Shock Rangeman 9400

The Master of G is a super tough watch armed with many features to keep military personnel and weekend hikers happy for years. 

  • Solar powered quartz movement
  • Withstand everything you can throw at it
  • 200m water resistance

The Rangeman 9400 Master of G comes with a range of features including solar power, compass, altimeter and thermometer.

The compass feature would have certainly come in handy for Tyler Rake when he was making his way around Dhaka in a hurry. But, I don't think he would have made much use of the altimeter or thermometer. 

The large buttons on the Rangeman 9400 make it easy to switch between functions and the negative display means that Tyler was less likely to give his position away in those critical moments leading up to fight. 

Also handy is the sunrise/sunset feature which tells you when the sun will rise or fall given your location. Obviously a much needed tool for someone in Tyler's position when it might be important to move at night (or day) for safety. 

Water is no issue for the Rangeman, with care taken on the seals to ensure water, dirt and mud cannot enter the watch. Clearly needed during that awful sewer scene where they spend more then enough time for nasties to potentially infiltrate and destroy a lesser watch. 

With 200m water resistance, the watch would most likely have survived Tyler's dramatic fall from the bridge into the water. But did Tyler survive? Hmmm.

Bottom line is we think the G-Shock Rangeman was the perfect choice for Chris Hemsworth to wear in Extraction: It's incredibly durable, a little bulky, will keep on going and comes with many features. 

Given the affordability of the Rangeman 9400, you don't need to be a highly paid mercenary to buy one. 


  • Super durable
  • Compass, Temperature, Barometer
  • 200m water resistance


  • Too many features?
  • Maybe chunky on smaller wrists


  • Movement: Solared powered quartz
  • Display: Digital with negative colors
  • Case: Plastic mud proof
  • Case size: 54mm
  • Band material: Plastic
  • Alarms: 5
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)

Check latest prices

G Shock Rangeman 9400

Bill Gates' Casio Duro

Bill Gates’ Casio Duro

One of our favorite tech tycoons turned philanthropists, Bill Gates, has an eye for value. For a man that could easily buy any luxury watch company, nevermind a few Rolexes, it's quite refreshing to see him continually sport quality watches that anyone can afford. 

Bill Gates' Casio Duro has made numerous public appearances. One such occasion was on the Stephen Colbert show whilst he and wife Melinda gave their views on taxing the wealthy. The Casio Duro Marlin MDV106-1AV can be seen throughout the interview. Watch below:

The Casio Duro Marlin 

We've previously covered other watches worn by Bill Gates, including his $10 Casio. Whilst the Casio Duro is slighly more expensive at around $50, few would argue that it's not an affordable watch that delivers great bang for buck. 

Bill Gates Casio Duro Colbert

Image: NBC

Bill Gates Casio Duro

A homage to the classic Submariner, there are few other watches that can deliver these features at this price. 

  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Unidirectional diver's bezel
  • 200m water resistance

The minimalist design of the Casio Duro MDV106-1AV has allowed this watch to maintain it's place as a popular, affordable alternative to more expensive dive watches

The 200m water resistance is a great feature at this price. Whilst I've no proof that Bill Gates has ever worn his Duro diving, I would be happy to take a bet that he's submerged it a few times at his Lake Washington house. 

The movement is Japanese quartz and comes a battery that lasts 3 years.

Other features are luminous markers and lume covered hands, making for impressive visibility at night and underwater. 

Like the Submariner, the Casio Duro features an easy to read day window at 3o'clock. 

All in all, for $50 there is very little to not like about this watch. If a man with the disposable income of Bill Gates is happy with it, that's good enough reason for me to add one to my everyday collection. 


  • Super affordable
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Japanese quality
  • 200m water resistance


  • Resin band is a little boring and sweats during summer


  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Case size: 44mm
  • Band material: Resin
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • Crown: Screw down
  • Bezel: Unidirectional diver’s 

Check latest prices

Casio Duro Marlin MDV106-1AV

Walter White's watches in breaking bad (2)

Walter White’s Watches in Breaking Bad

Walter wears a Casio CA53W Calculator and a Tag Heuer Monaco in the Breaking Bad TV series.

Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher, turned master crystal meth maker in the wildly popular 5 season AMC series Breaking Bad. Played by Bryan Cranston, Walter turns to drug manufacturing once he learns he has cancer and needs the money to pay for treatment and to provide for his struggling family.

Full of resentment for previous failures such as selling his share in a company he helped found for a measly $5,000 and finding it hard to get ahead and live the American dream, Walter’s morality can be questioned when he starts to make decisions based on pure greed long after he’s successfully fulfilled his original, relatively modest financial goals.

The shift towards the darker side throughout the seasons is part of the reason this series has proven to be so gripping, winning critical acclaim and numerous Emmy awards.

Walter’s Casio CA53W Calculator Watch

Walter White Casio CA53W Calculator Breaking Bad

The Casio CA53W makes an early appearance, featuring prominently in the second episode of the first season in a car scene with Jesse Pinkman (see image above). This is perhaps the exact type of watch you’d expect from a no-frills chemistry teacher that values practicality above all else.

The Casio CA53W is a bit of a cult classic, but given Walter’s straight-forward approach to life at the beginning of the series, it’s pretty clear he wears this watch mainly as a practical tool.

The Casio CA53W Calculator Watch


  • Very affordable ($19.45)
  • Retro functional calculator
  • Stopwatch and dual time zones
  • Channel your 80’s inner geek


  • Unlikely to win any style awards
  • Display can be a little hard to read
  • You may end up tucked inside a high school locker

Casio CA53W Specs

  • Calculator features: 8 digits with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Water resistance: 50m / 165 feet
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Resin
  • Case size:  35mm
  • Case thickness: 8mm
  • Band width: 20mm
  • Weight: 29g / 1.02 ounces
  • Other features: Stopwatch and alarm

Check out Casio CA53W Calculator Prices


Walter’s TAG Heuer Monaco

Walter White Tag Heuer Monaco Breaking Bad

Walter is given a Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph as a gift for his 51st birthday by Jesse during the 4th episode in season 5. Jesse hands the watch to Walter whilst he is in a car, complete with the gift box. Walter later uses the watch as a symbol of trust during a one-sided conversation with a despondent Skyler:

“I want to show you something. See that watch. It was a birthday present. The person who gave me this present wanted me dead too. Not that long ago, he pointed a gun right between my eyes right here and he threatened to kill me. He changed his mind about me Skyler, and so will you.”

The last scene of the episode features Walter taking off the watch and leaving it on the bedside table as he undresses and goes to bed. The scene exits with an extreme close up of one of the dials showing the seconds ticking with a distinct ticking sound. It’s all rather ominous, with the watch playing a key role the sense that time is running out for something…

The TAG Heuer Monaco

The Tag Heuer Monaco is a very iconic watch, with this particular model bearing a close resemblance with the watch worn by actor and racer Steve McQueen in the 1971 film La Mans.


  • Super iconic square style
  • One of the first automatic chronographs
  • Dazzling blue face
  • Did we mention Steve McQueen!


  • Distinct style may prevent it from being main watch
  • Quite pricey – potentially paying for Steve McQueen linkage

TAG Heuer Monaco Specs

  • Model No: CAW2111.FC618
  • Water resistance: 100m / 330 feet
  • Movement: Swiss automatic calibre 12
  • Crystal: Scratch resistant sapphire
  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Case size:  39mm
  • Case thickness: 15mm
  • Band width: 22mm
  • Band material: Blue alligator leather
  • Weight: 112g / 3.95 ounces
  • Other features: Blue dial and two subdials (30 mins, 60 sec)


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Best Watch for Law Enforcement Officers

Best watch for law enforcement officers

What makes a great watch for law enforcement officers?

Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) have a super demanding job and need a watch that is up to the task. After speaking with LEOs (police officers and military police) and conducting other online research, we’ve determined the best watches for LEOs have the following attributes:

  • Durable: Wrestling, bashing down doors and other high impact activities on top of general day-to-day duties require a watch that is capable of taking a real beating in a variety of environmental conditions including resistance to water.
  • Affordable: Until you rise the ranks, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to outlay a lot of money for a watch that can easily get misplaced, broken or even stolen.
  • Discreet: Something flashy has the potential to go down the wrong way with superiors and colleagues as it can be single you out for thinking you’re better than others and perhaps not a team player. Best to fit in for a few years, earn your reputation then upgrade to something more suited to your personality.
  • Digital over analog: The consensus is that digital is easier to read and more accurate at a quick glance for most LEOs. Every minute can matter, so readability and telling the time quickly are important
  • Illumination: This one is little subjective as rookies doing night and morning shifts may very well need strong illumination and a night light. Others may require a stealth watch if they are in a tactical position.

Our 5 best watches for LEOs

Taking the above attributes into account, we’ve reviewed many watches and narrowed our choice down to the following top 5.

1. G-Shock 9052

Casio G-Shock DW9052 Close Up - Police officer watch


  • Affordable
  • Very tough
  • Popular and unassuming choice. Great for rookies finding their feet.


  • Not a lot of features at this price
  • Can be bulky for smaller wrists

The entry level G-Shock by Casio has a lot going for it. It’s cheap, super tough, shock resistant and has enough basic features to get the job done.

Given the price, popularity and unassuming nature of this watch, there is very little downside to purchasing one. If you like it, chances are you’ll upgrade models to something like a GWM5610 Solar (also in this list), G-Shock Mudman or Rangeman down the track.

Worst case if you do decide it’s not the right watch for you, at least you haven’t spent much money on it and it hasn’t drawn any unwanted attention. If you’re starting your career as a police officer, we think this is the best G-Shock option.

Check out G-Shock Prices


2. Suunto Core All Black Military

Suunto Core All Black Military


  • Feature packed ABC (altimeter, barometer &
    digital compass)
  • Large, easy to read face
  • Sleek, stealth design is very popular
  • Handy sunrise & sunset functions


  • Might be a little flashy for some
  • Negative display can be harder to read
  • Battery life can be on the short side if constantly using ABC features

The Suunto Core All Black (or Military) is a popular watch that comes packed with a host of features. An affordable Altitude, Barometer & Compass (ABC) watch that has a good backlight when you need it. Other features include a storm sensing function that recognises a drop in air pressure and sends you a warning. Note, there is no GPS function. If you need GPS you’ll need a Suunto Ambit3 or similar model.

The popularity of this watch has led to it achieving cult status, which has only increased since the release of the popular Equalizer movies where Denzel wears a slightly modified version of the Suunto Core All Black.

The biggest downside to this watch for a LEO is actually its good looks as it has the potential to draw a little too much attention from superiors.

This watch is one to consider if you’re after a feature packed watch with sleek good looks. This could easily be your 24/7 watch, which is certainly something to consider as it means you’ll never have to remember to change watches for duty.

If you’re comfortable wearing a slightly flashy watch, there’s very little stopping this from being the watch for you.

Check out Suunto Core Prices


3. G-Shock GWM5610 Solar

Casio G-Shock GWM5610 Solar


  • Tough as nails
  • Solar means no need to replace the battery
  • Atomic timekeeping – never need to reset the time
  • Small and discrete square form factor can fit on any wrist


  • Arguably not a super good looking watch. May need an off-duty watch.
  • Backlight can not always be counted on

The G-Shock GWM5610 Solar is about as close to a set and forget watch as you can get. With a solar power source and atomic timekeeping, you really don’t need to worry about anything.

Add in the toughness of a G-Shock watch, water resistance of 200m (660 ft) and a discrete square form factor, you’ve got a watch that many LEOs swear by as their main duty watch.

The downsides are minimal. It’s solar powered, so if you’re using the light for an extended period of time it will reach its limit and stop working until exposed to sunlight again.

Of course looks are subjective. But, I think it’s fair to say this isn’t the sexiest watch on the list. That is great whilst on duty as it won’t draw attention, but the flip side is you may want another watch when off duty.

Bottom line is this is a fantastic watch for the on duty LEO. It is roughly double the cost of the other G-Shock on this list, so whether you choose this will depend on whether you like the convenience of solar power and atomic timekeeping in a discrete package.

Check out G-Shock GWM5610 Prices


4. Seiko 5

Seiko 5 SNK809 Automatic


  • Very durable
  • Low depth profile for automatic
  • Can be dressed up or down
  • Great price for a quality automatic


  • Analog display is not for everyone
  • 37mm might be too small for some LEOs

The Seiko 5 SNK809 is an entry level automatic timepiece that has packed great build quality, versatile styling and durability into an affordable price.

It is an automatic, which means it is self winding with arm movement. Once fully wound, it has a 40 hour power reserve. You will need to move around 8 hours each day to ensure it maintains power and accuracy, but this should be fine unless you’re an officer normally chained to a desk.

This simple yet stylish stainless steel watch can easily be dressed up for any formal events with a new strap/bracelet. It’s simplicity also means it isn’t overly flashy, so it shouldn’t catch any unwanted attention.

The biggest drawbacks are that it’s an analog which clearly doesn’t have a lot of the digital features and instant readability of the digital watches in this list. This may be a huge issue depending on the requirements of your job.

If you are in the market for an affordable, durable and simple automatic that you can wear 24/7, the Seiko 5 is certainly worth exploring further. Potentially a great option for police officers as they start to move up the ranks.

Check out Seiko 5 Prices


5. Luminox Navy Seal

Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark 3051.BO


  • Tritium provides fantastic luminosity
  • Super lightweight (56 g or 1.98 oz)
  • Easy to read dial


  • More of a tactical watch
  • No screw down case
  • Most expensive in our list

We are big fans of the Luminox 3051 as it’s easily one of the best tactical watches for LEOs. We’ve previously written about this watch specifically for police officers and whilst it is the most expensive in our list, it is still an affordable option for most.

The readability of this watch under ALL conditions, including darkness and underwater is what really makes this watch stand out (pun intended) from the rest. The tritium in the hands and markers is made from a radioactive isotope that slowly decays over time. This is different from most other watches that use phosphorescent inserts that need to be recharged by an external light source. The Navy Seal pedigree means this watch has top, reliable water resistance too.

If your role involves a lot of water contact you might also want to consider a good dive watch as part of your gear setup.

We’ve feature the black out version here to complete the tactical, military watch feel. But you could easily opt for the regular/non-black out model (we’ve featured it in our Best Watches for EMTs & Paramedics guide). The case is made from stainless steel with a Carbonox coating which increases durability and provides the nice black matte finish.

This watch clearly isn’t for all LEOs. And we accept that. We’ve included it here as a good tactical option or those that value luminosity above everything else.

Check out Luminox Navy Seal BO Prices

Are you a LEO with more suggestions we should review? Please feel free to let us know what you’ve been using below and whether you’d buy it again. 

What kind of watch did Elvis Presley wear?

What Kind of Watch Did Elvis Presley Wear

Elvis Presly (@elvis) was a much loved American singer and actor. The “King of Rock and Roll” has been credited by Rolling Stone as ‘single-handedly changed the course of music and culture in the mid-1950s’ . His voice, presence, dancing, clothing and sleek good looks allowed him to reach heights no artist had before him.

Given his impeccable style, it’s not surprising that Elvis held a strong appreciation for watches, boasting an impressive collection, and often using watches as a vehicle for appreciation. There are numerous witness accounts of him giving away watches as presents.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the below gives you a good overview of the types of watches Elvis adored.

1. Tiffany Omega

Elvis Presley Omega Tiffany CollageThis watch made headlines in 2018 when it sold at auction for $1.8 Milliion – a record for an Omega watch. The watch was a gift to Elvis from his record company, RCA Records, for selling 75 million records. The story goes that Elvis swapped this watch to the seller’s uncle after the uncle expressed admiration for the King’s Tiffany Omega. Elvis, being the generous soul he was, offered to swap it for the uncle’s diamond studded Hamilton.

The watch is an 18K white gold Omega with 44 round cut diamonds on the bezel, Tiffany & Co stamped on the dial, 33mm case and is powered by a manual caliber 510 movement. Engraved on the back is “To Elvis, 75 Million Records, RCA Victor, 12-25-60.”

Can’t afford the $1.8M+ price tag next time this watch comes up for auction? Check out an Omega De Ville or for something more affordable, the Vincero Kairos is worthwhile exploring.


2. Hamilton Ventura

Elvis Presley Hamilton Ventura CollageIt was not out of pure chivalry that Elvis swapped his Tiffany Omega for a Hamilton. He was really quite fond of the asymmetrical design. Most notably wearing a Hamilton Ventura in the 1961 film, Blue Hawaii.  Elvis reportedly owned several Hamilton’s and even gave some away as presents.

Hamilton watches have a polarizing history – you either love the design, or you don’t. The early success of the Ventura has been largely attributed to it being the first battery powered watch that the public was able to afford and the futuristic design by Richard Arbib. Hamilton re-released the Ventura in 2017 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the initial 1957 release. The new Classic Ventura features a case with dimensions 32.3mm x 50.3mm,  quartz movement and a leather strap. Given the relative affordability of the Hamilton Ventura, this watch is within reach for most Elvis fans.

Check out the Hamilton Ventura on Amazon

3. Omega Constellation

Elvis Omega Constellation Charlie HodgeElvis was clearly an Omega fan, with the Omega Constellation also featuring prominently during the years he served for the US Army. He was stationed in Germany with friend, and fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Charlie Hodge from 1958 to 1960. Charlie often praised and commented Presley on the watch, leading to Presley eventually giving the watch to Charlie as a present. The watch was auctioned in 2012, fetching $52,500.

The watch itself is an Omega Constellation with a black face, “sniper” dial with gold dauphine hands, and gold capping showing the date at 3 o’clock with raised indices and a stainless steel caseback. Movement is controlled by a Cal. 504 manual winding chronometer.

Whilst the King’s Omega Constellation probably won’t be coming up for auction again anytime soon, Omega still makes the Constellation if you share similar tastes to Elvis and want to own one yourself.

Check out the Omega Constellation on Amazon

4. Rolex Submariner

Elvis Rolex SubmarinerElvis was a true watch aficionado with tastes ranging through all price points. On the more exclusive end was his collection of Rolex’s, including the Rolex Submariner “Big Crown” worn in the 1962 movie Girls, Girls, Girls. There’s numerous scenes in the movie where he proudly sports the Rolex Submariner 6538 “Big Crown”, as shown in the image above. Coincidentally, this watch became famous for being the watch that Sean Connery wore in the first Bond film, Dr No, which also came out in 1962. It’s fitting that such a revered pop icon chose to wear a watch that would also go on to become an icon in its own right.

As the nickname suggests, the watch features an over sized winding crown without any crown guards. Controlled by Rolex’s Calibre 1030 movement, the early Submariner’s dial focuses on simplicity, as they don’t have day or date functions as these only came in later models (1960 onwards).

We aren’t sure what happened to Elvis’s Submariner. Given how popular the “Big Crown” is with watch collectors anyway, adding certified Elvis ownership would certainly have this watch fetching big money at auctions – perhaps even rivaling the $1.8M of the Tiffany Omega. If you want your own Girls, Girls, Girls watch, you can always invest in a modern Rolex Submariner, or for something more affordable, a Casio MDV106-1A is a solid, practical option, or you can check out or article devoted to Rolex Submariner homages for more choice.

Check out the Casio MDV106-1A on Amazon
Selena Gomez G-Shock

Selena Gomez wears a CASIO

Selena Gomez is a famous singer, actress, role model and one of the most inspiring celebrities I’ve seen perform live. Her style is a unique mix of sexy, sporty, chic and sweet. Her fighting spirit is as tough as the CASIO G-Shock Watch she wore in the song “Hands to Myself” and the elegant classy spirit is reflected in the Rolex Day-Date II Oyster 41mm.

Selena is inspired by the work she does as a UNICEF campaign she does to raise money for children and inspires everyone to be beautiful on the inside and the outside every day of their life.

Selena wears a Black G-Shock S Series Women’s watch

Selena Gomez wears a CASIO Black G-Shock S Series Women’s Resin Watch GMDS6900-1 in her third chart topping hit “Hands to Myself” from her second studio album Revival, where she comes out with a badass, gothic, sexy vibe wearing some sexy lingerie and smokey eyes. The whole ensemble represents the sporty, sexy and sensual side of Selena, and plays on playful and vivid imaginations. The song features Selena as a stalker to a famous Hollywood actor, enacting her desires and fantasies. In the music video, Selena breaks into the house after checking the watch, that contrasts beautifully with the lace that looks like a tattoo on her skin. Check out the video for yourself:

The watch complements and contrasts the sexy black lingerie by Giorgio Armani and adds to the finesse of Selena’s style in the music video.

We love the understated smouldering look that she sports in the video and the concept that she represents in the video resonates with every woman’s fantasies on celebrity crushes.

Check out Selena Gomez for more details on her work.

Why we like the G-Shock S Series Women’s watch

The watch is designed especially for a woman’s small wrists. It is not excessively bulky and fits easily onto my wrists. The watch comes with a 2-year warranty which I like. It holds up pretty well after all the rough treatment it has gone through with the clumsy handling that has happened often enough. The watch would be a good choice if you have a tendency to have an active lifestyle. I knocked it into a wall by mistake once, and not a scratch on it. It is embarrassing to admit but an analog watch takes too much time for me to read. This digital watch has a perfect size dial and display.


At first glance, the watch may look masculine, especially on pictures available on various websites. But we don’t think these do the watch justice as you can’t fully appreciate the beautiful glitter effect embedded into the black that pairs well with the silver buckle and makes it look feminine. This beauty is gorgeous on the outside and tough on the inside. Just like Selena Gomez.

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What kind of watch did Chris Kyle wear?

Chris Kyle wore a Casio G-Shock.

Chris Kyle was a U.S. Navy SEAL sniper with SEAL Group 3. He served 4 tours overseas for the United States and is currently the deadliest sniper in American history with at least 150 kills to his name. Kyle was known in the region as “The Devil of Ramadi”, and known to his comrades in the U.S. armed forces as “The Legend”.

Kyle, and friend Chad Littlefield, were murdered by a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD on February 2nd, 2013. His autobiography, American Sniper, was adapted by Clint Eastwood into a biopic starring Bradley Cooper.

Along with his G-Shock, Chris Kyle also mentions his Rolex Submariner in his autobiography. He only wore his G-Shock on active duty:

‘On my wrist, I’d wear a G-Shock watch. The black watch and its rubber wristband have replaced Rolex Submariners as standard SEAL equipment. (A friend of mine, who thought it was a shame the tradition died, recently got me one. I still feel a little strange wearing a Rolex, but it is a throwback to the frogmen who came before me.)’

We’ve also written about Rolex Submariner homage watches if you’re after the iconic Submariner look minus the steep price tag.

About the Casio G-Shock

The Casio G-Shock is a favorite in the military community for being a tough and durable watch loaded with many features a soldier, fireman, paramedic, or law enforcement officer might find useful.

The watches these days are digital in their complications, but analog in their time display. Casio claims the battery life is 2 years, and some even come equipped with Tough Solar chargers to automatically recharge.

G-Shock watches all include automatic atomic clock synchronization, and most will now automatically adjust to whatever timezone you’re located in using radio waves and local sources. The “G” in G-Shock stands for ‘Gravitational’ – the watch was designed in the early 80s to be able to withstand mechanical shock and heavy vibration.

Gshock 6900

As such, today’s G-Shock watch is water resistant to 20 BAR, and can withstand a rather high fall (at least 20 feet that we could find, possibly more with newer versions of the watch).

The best part about the G-Shock is that it is incredibly affordable given the engineering that has gone into them. There’s a variety of G-Shocks with a range of different features, starting from around  for a basic G-Shock like this DW6900.

Chris Kyle’s Casio G-Shock DW6600

Chris would have worn a a G-Shock DW6600, which was the standard watch worn by Navy Seals after the Rolex Submariner, until 2011. Since then, Navy Seals have worn a variety of different watches.

We’ve featured the G-Shock G-Shock DW6900 in this article as it’s the closest available model to the DW6600.

G-Shock worn by Bradley Cooper in American Sniper

Bradley Cooper wore a G-Shock DW 6600 in the movie adaptation of American Sniper. They got this part of the movie dead on as we’ve already mentioned it is historically accurate.

Bradley Cooper GShock DW6600 American Sniper

Where to buy your own G-Shock

Around 2011, several rappers, including Eminem, started wearing the watch and vaulted it into the mainstream consciousness. As such, you can find them in your mall or local jeweler. You can also find some at a pawn shop.

Check out Casio G-Shock Prices


How tough is the Casio G-Shock?

Check out the following video for a glimpse of the G-Shock’s toughness: