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Mike Bloomberg Victorinox Swiss Watch

What Watch Does Michael Bloomberg Wear?

Former New York mayor, and presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg, wears a surprisingly modest watch. This is especially so given his vast wealth of $60 Billion (Forbes 2020 estimate).  

Mike Bloomberg gained in popularity as mayor of New York from 2002-2013 due to his largely analytical and data driven approach to creating policies around key education, transport, health and environmental initiatives. 

He entered the 2020 Democratic Primaries in November 2019 after previously renouncing any ambition to run for President in 2020. He decided to enter the race due to his dissatisfaction with the other nominees ability to compete with Donald Trump. 

Mike Bloomberg wears a Victorinox Swiss Army 24221

Mike Bloomberg Victorinox Swiss Army 24221

Images: Getty & Reuters

It's tempting to say that Mike has chosen to wear a moderately priced watch to increase his appeal to everyday Democrats, but he's been wearing the Victorinox 24221 well before he finally decided to run for President, so I don't believe this is the case. 

It seems that Mike is part of a greater trend amongst billionaires to choose watches based on personal preferences such as style and robustness over price and luxury. We've previously covered the watches of Bill Gates, who also opts for affordably priced timepieces.

You can catch several glimpses of Mike's watch in the South Carolina Democratic debate highlights video below. You can also spot watches of several of his opponents, including Bernie Sanders' Citizen Eco-Drive

Mike Bloomberg Watch Democratic Debate

The Victorinox Swiss Army 24221

Victorinox is a Swiss watch maker most recognised for their impressive army pocket knives. They've been making watches in Switzerland since 1989 and they are generally easy to recognize because of their distinctive cross emblem at 12 o'clock. 

Mike's model, the Swiss Army 24221 is generally harder to find these days as it is no longer in production by Victorinox. You can find similar variations such as the Victorinox 249087.

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch 249087

The 25th Anniversary Edition to the original Victorinox Swiss Army watch pays tribute with classic readability wrapped in a tough nylon package. 

  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Nato inspired nylon strap
  • Iconic Victorinox design

The Victorinox 249087 is a throwback to where Victorinox watches started. The classic design with the white cross and the red background is distinctly Victorinox. 

The tough nylon case compliments the simple design with easy to read hour and minute markers. 

At 43mm, this is a larger watch, but the nylon fibre case and nylon strap keep it from feeling heavy or chunky. 

Swiss quartz movement powers the three luminescent hands and the lume extends to the hour and minute markers allowing for easy reading during low light conditions. 

With 25 years of history preceding the 249087 Swiss Army watch, Victorinox have kept to their strengths of quality Swiss manufacturing that can withstand all types of terrain.

All at an affordable price for the average Joe, or indeed, Mike Bloomberg. 


  • Affordable
  • Clean, easy to read design
  • Swiss quality
  • 100m water resistance


  • Quartz movement may put off some buyers


  • Movement: Swiss quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Nylon with aluminium bezel
  • Case size: 43mm
  • Band material: Nylon
  • Water resistance: 100m (330ft)

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Victorinox Swiss Army 249087

Bill Gates' Casio Duro

Bill Gates’ Casio Duro

One of our favorite tech tycoons turned philanthropists, Bill Gates, has an eye for value. For a man that could easily buy any luxury watch company, nevermind a few Rolexes, it's quite refreshing to see him continually sport quality watches that anyone can afford. 

Bill Gates' Casio Duro has made numerous public appearances. One such occasion was on the Stephen Colbert show whilst he and wife Melinda gave their views on taxing the wealthy. The Casio Duro Marlin MDV106-1AV can be seen throughout the interview. Watch below:

The Casio Duro Marlin 

We've previously covered other watches worn by Bill Gates, including his $10 Casio. Whilst the Casio Duro is slighly more expensive at around $50, few would argue that it's not an affordable watch that delivers great bang for buck. 

Bill Gates Casio Duro Colbert

Image: NBC

Bill Gates Casio Duro

A homage to the classic Submariner, there are few other watches that can deliver these features at this price. 

  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Unidirectional diver's bezel
  • 200m water resistance

The minimalist design of the Casio Duro MDV106-1AV has allowed this watch to maintain it's place as a popular, affordable alternative to more expensive dive watches

The 200m water resistance is a great feature at this price. Whilst I've no proof that Bill Gates has ever worn his Duro diving, I would be happy to take a bet that he's submerged it a few times at his Lake Washington house. 

The movement is Japanese quartz and comes a battery that lasts 3 years.

Other features are luminous markers and lume covered hands, making for impressive visibility at night and underwater. 

Like the Submariner, the Casio Duro features an easy to read day window at 3o'clock. 

All in all, for $50 there is very little to not like about this watch. If a man with the disposable income of Bill Gates is happy with it, that's good enough reason for me to add one to my everyday collection. 


  • Super affordable
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Japanese quality
  • 200m water resistance


  • Resin band is a little boring and sweats during summer


  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Case size: 44mm
  • Band material: Resin
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • Crown: Screw down
  • Bezel: Unidirectional diver’s 

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Casio Duro Marlin MDV106-1AV

What Kind of Watch does Warren Buffett Wear

What Kind of Watch Does Warren Buffett Wear?

Warren Buffett, currently worth $90B and 3rd on Forbes rich list behind Jezz Bezos and friend Bill Gates, made his fortune by being an incredibly astute investor in various companies. Known for his frugal and practical nature despite his immense wealth, we’re naturally interested in the type of watch the ‘Oracle from Omaha’ chooses to wear.

The following video features some inspirational moments from Buffett, giving a great glimpse into the type of mindset that has allowed him to generate such wealth and provides insight into his core values.


Warren Buffet wears a Gold Rolex Day Date

Known for buying hail damaged cars and driving them until they are “embarrassing”, and living in the same modest house he purchased in 1958 for $31,500 – partly because it’s only a 5 minute drive from his office. You’d almost expect Warren to be wearing a hand-me-down Casio.  Well, not quite. He’s actually very proud of his 18K gold Rolex Day Date and is often seen wearing, and even talking about it. Not in a bragging way, but in a way that backs up his investment principles. This is best illustrated by his quote: “Why not invest your assets in the companies you really like? As Mae West said, ‘Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Word has it that he tried to purchase the Rolex company from the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. A clear indicator in that he doesn’t just love his watch, but sees significant value in the Rolex brand.


Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.

- Warren Buffett


The Rolex Day Date in 18K Gold

Certainly not exactly a watch for the masses with a current price tag of $27,895.00, the 18K Rolex Day Date is not overly flashy either. Known for its classic, timeless elegance, the Rolex Day Date is perhaps the most instantly recognizable watch in the world.

The most popular size of the Rolex Day Date is the 36mm, but you can certainly go bigger with a 40mm models. As the name suggests, the Day Date features the full day name on the dial, along with the date at 3 o’clock. Today, the movement is controlled by Rolex’s Calibre 3255, with self-winding mechanical movement offering superb precision, power reserve and resistance to shocks and magnetism.

Given Warren’s appetite for a good deal, perhaps today he’d be looking for a pre-owned watch like this one which retails for significantly less than the retail price of a new Rolex.

Warren Buffett Rolex Day Date Gold

What Kind of Watch does Bill Gates Wear

What Kind of Watch Does Bill Gates Wear?

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the second richest man in the world (behind Jeff Bezos, but still in front of long time friend Warren Buffett) wears a remarkably modest watch.

Gates is also well known for his many philanthropic endeavors. In fact, one of the primary reasons he is no longer the richest man in the world is because he has chosen to give away a substantial part of his fortune. He, along with Warren Buffet, also influenced many other mega-rich celebrities and entrepreneurs to donate at least half of their wealth through “the Giving Pledge”. Well played Mr Gates.

Given Mr Gates’ wealth, you’d possibly expect him to be sporting a super exclusive Rolex, Omega or similar. But no, fitting with Mr Gates’ rather conservative lifestyle, he opts to wear what he calls a “$10 watch”. This $10 watch is actually a Casio Illuminator W214H-1AV, and whilst it is certainly an inexpensive watch, you may have to pay a little more than the $10 quoted by Bill (check Amazon for current price).

Check out the video below by Politico where when asked whether the watch he is wearing is similar to a medical watch he is currently speaking about, Bill responds with “no, this is a $10 watch.”

The Casio Illuminator W214H-1AV

Certainly a relatively humble watch for a man of Bill’s stature, the Casio Illuminator W214H-1AV is a digital watch with a 45 mm plastic case and silicon band. The Japanese manufactured Casio is water resistant to 50m and has quartz based movement. Digital features include 3 countdown dials, stopwatch and alarm. For a cheaper watch, it’s certainly well built and durable. Given many ultra-rich decide to show off their wealth with flashy, expensive watches, it’s refreshing that all fans of Bill Gates can “be like Bill” with a very affordable Casio.


Bill Gates Wears a Casio W214H-1AV


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The Casio Quartz Diver 200m WR

Clearly a Casio fanboy, Bill has also been spotted wearing another affordable timepiece, the Casio Quartz Diver 200m WR. This dive watch features Japanese Quartz movement, unidirectional bezel (a key feature for a quality diving watch), stainless steel case and a resin band. The face has a black background with white display for markers for the hour indices and bezel markers. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock, includes a screw down crown and is rated to 200m water resistance.

This is a homage watch to the much more expensive and iconic Rolex Submariner and is a very practical watch for those on a budget, but still expect to get wet from time to time and want a durable watch that won’t break under the stresses of an active lifestyle. Whilst more than $10, few would argue that this watch is out of character with Bill’s preference for functionality over glamour. An affordable watch for the most active keyboard warriors, this would be our choice when emulating the style and philosophy of a man worth 90+ Billion.


Bill Gates Wears a Casio Diver 200m WR


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