Bernie Vs Trump - How Their Watches Tell The Story

Last Updated: January 20, 2020
Written by Andre Wallace

As the race towards the 2020 election gains pace, I’ve been thinking about the watches of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, and what their timepieces say about their political stances.

Bernie Sanders

One of the Democratic frontrunners for the 2020 election, Bernie’s strong socialist views have won him a strong set of followers amongst the youth and minority groups that want to take on the corporate establishment.

So, does Bernie’s watch fit his political views?

Bernie Sanders Citizen Eco-Drive


Bernie’s modest stainless steel Citizen Eco-Drive features battery-less technology, which promises to keep on going with minimum maintenance. Whilst Bernie’s political career does seem to keep on going, his heart attack has prompted many voters to wonder if Bernie’s battery can last the distance…


One of the keys to Bernie’s popularity is his appeal to the ‘everyman’. Does his watch back this up? I’d suggest yes. His Eco-Drive is robust, but not flashy. Given the surge in his book sales, he could certainly afford a significantly more expensive watch.

The Verdict

Yes, Bernie wears his heart on his sleeve figuratively and literally. The Citizen Eco-Drive mirrors Bernie’s anti-bank, socialist political agenda.

Donald Trump

Trump does have a watch collection, but he doesn’t flaunt it as much as you might expect given his self-proclaimed wealth.

The watch most commonly associated with Trump is the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1968 he wore during his victorious election night in 2016.

Donald Trump Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1968

The most striking feature of the watch is the square, ultra-thin 5mm case. It is a collector's item and you’ll be lucky to find a similar piece for less than $25,000. At this price point, it sure matches Trump’s desire for luxury and exclusivity.

Pro-Wall St

I’m comfortable arguing this watch isn’t affordable for the everyman and is better suited towards the white privilege commonly associated with Wall St bankers. Trump has made his position on being close with Wall St clear, which is echoed in this watch choice.


Perhaps Trump's strong views on capitalism are best evidenced by his very own watch line, the ‘Donald J. Trump Signature Collection’ he unveiled in 2005 and sold exclusively at Macy’s. Inspired by popular watch brands, the collection was only in shops for 1 year.

Sure, this can be seen as another of Trump’s failed business ventures. But, isn’t that capitalism at play? He gave it a shot, the market rejected it and he clearly moved on without it affecting him too much.

The Verdict

Trump’s timepieces also tend to mirror his political views.

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