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What kind of watch did James Bond wear in GoldenEye?

James Bond wore the Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Quartz in GoldenEye. The movie represented a major upheaval for the Bond franchise, with major recasting and legal issues coming to the forefront of production. Still, the movie was a commercial success and cemented Brosnan’s role as the Gentleman Spy.

About GoldenEye

GoldenEye follows the story of James Bond and fellow 00 Agent Alec Trevelyan who are investigating a chemical weapons facility when they are caught and Trevelyan supposedly dies in an explosion. 9 Years later, the Janus Crime Syndicate has taken control of a cold-war era space satellite weapon known as the GoldenEye. James Bond is sent to investigate and ultimately stop Janus from using this weapon. James discovers that Janus is actually Agent Trevelyan who did not die in the explosion a decade ago, but felt betrayed after the whole ordeal and dedicated his life to revenge.

GoldenEye was the 17th film in the James Bond series and the first to feature Pierce Brosnan as the spy. GoldenEye was the first James Bond film I ever saw personally and came to represent the series in my mind for quite some time. The movie was released in 1995 after a 6 year hiatus caused by legal disputes with Timothy Dalton. The movie, in addition to recasting Bond, recast the roles of Moneypenny and M for the first time. The movie made $360M on a $60M budget.

About the Seamaster Professional 300m

The Seamaster Professional 300m Quartz is a beautiful Quartz movement watch by Omega. It features a stainless steel case and bracelet, and a rotating stainless steel bezel. The dial is blue with luminescent hands and stick-dot hour markers. The dial also features minute markers around the outer rim and a magnified date display appears at the 3 o’clock position.

It is a quartz movement watch that requires a battery to operate. The crystal is scratch resistant sapphire. The watch is also water resistant to 300 meters. This is a beautiful, functional watch that any James Bond fan, collector, or watch lover would enjoy. Check it out on Amazon (here).

What kind of watch did James Bond wear in Casino Royale?

James Bond wore the Omega Seamaster Professional in Casino Royale.

About Casino Royale

Casino Royale was Daniel Craig’s first movie as James Bond, and the 21st film in the series. It stands out because it is a complete reboot of the James Bond series, setting up an alternate universe and timeline for the character. Casino Royale made a great restarting point for the franchise, as it is the first book Flemming originally penned about the spy. It would gain the title of highest grossing Bond film of all time, with $600M – a record that would only by broken by another Craig Bond, 2012’s Skyfall.

Casino Royale follows fictional MI6 spy James Bond as he earns his license to kill and 00-status. As a newly minted 00 agent, Bond is sent on his first assignment: To track down a banker to the wealthy criminal elite, a man known as “Le Chiffre”. Bond infiltrates Le Chiffre’s organization and engages in a high stakes game of poker.

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About the Omega Seamaster Professional

The stainless steel, 41mm Omega Seamaster Professional features a sharp analog dial with a uni-directional rotating bezel. The dial is black with silver colored hands. The hands and hour markers are luminescent to display in the dark. The watch also features a date display at 3 o’clock. The face of the watch has a scratch and glare resistant sapphire crystal. As a sport watch, and one with the name “Seamaster”, it is water proofed, and rated at 300 meters (about 1,000 feet). The watch is a self winding automatic movement timepiece with a 48 hour power reserve. The Seamaster Professional is a great watch if you’re an active or athletic person, or if you find yourself comfortable on a boat.

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